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Nanolayers Research Computing bridges the gap between academic physics and real-world products. We run a private access computing cluster and aim to bridge the gap between fundamental science and industrial applications through collaboration.

Our current projects cover a wide range of sciences, ranging from diffusion and reactivities at surfaces, rational design of novel catalysts, accurate simulation of defect parameters for novel electronic devices, wildlife computer vision and more. We leverage state of the art electronic structure methods, classical physics methods, optimization algorithms, and machine learning to solve complex problems.

Our team members have strong academic ties and lie at the forefront of scientific development. To top it all off, we are a highly international team working across Europe and North America. We are also able to provide services across the Hispanic world and the Middle East

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Materials Discovery

Our expertise lies in advanced materials discovery. We are at the forefront of theoretical materials discovery, with strengths in lubrication and materials for the automotive and electronics industries.

Machine Learning

We have in-depth intuition and expertise using machine learning algorithms. We develop machine learning techniques for the academic and commercial world for a wide range of topics. Check out our ML driven submarine!

Diverse Team

Coming from academic backgrounds, each member of our team brings their own unique insight to the group. Our collective scientific background encompasses physics, chemistry, tribology, nanoelectronics and more.

Consult & Train

Whether trying to decide which materials to use or research an entirely new material, we are here for you. We also provide training in the use of advanced materials modelling and machine learning techniques.

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